Pat Kelley


Patrick Kelley

What caused a rural Northern Michigan boy to write a novel?

I write science fiction because it allows me to go to places humanity cannot reach now, or for hundreds of years. What would it be like to orbit above an exoplanet? What color would the sky be? Vegetation color? What would the gravity feel like? Where would the stars be?

Both of my parents are teachers, so I not only write to provide entertainment, I also attempt to explain the science and engineering behind what is happening in my writing. Everything has to have a purpose behind it.

I also strive to create as realistic of a world as possible. Sure, subspace drives, engines and fuels that can reach portions of the speed of light, transparent-titanium,
and gravity plates are cheats, but beyond them, every other element of technology has either been created, can be created, or is on the drawing board--Fusion reactors, railguns, lasers, exoskeletons, VTVL aircraft, space planes, space elevators, space stations--all could be achievable in the nearish future, if they had funding and willpower behind them.

As you may have noticed, I like my engineering--which is why I am, shockingly, going to college to become a Mechanical Engineer. After that, I plan to pursue astrodynamics and exoplanet science.

I love the natural beauty of the Northern Michigan countryside in which I was raised, and I try my best to instill my love for nature and science into my books. The
technology is cool and all, but the wonderous universe in which we humans act is by far more important to me.

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